Super Oak Tree Swing


Price: £225.00 (inc vat & UK delivery)

Dimensions: 90cm x 30cm x 5cm


Super Oak Swing

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Price £225.00
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£225 - Free UK delivery


Our beautiful Super Wooden Oak Tree Swing will make a stunning addition to your garden! Measuring an impressive 90cm across, there's plenty of room for two to swing happily side by side on our beautiful rope swing!

Your swing will be handmade from the finest, sustainably sourced British oak using traditional methods in our Battersea workshop, ensuring the highest quality finish, and will come supplied with 6m of beautifully soft "Ghosty Hemp" rope on each side of the swing from world-famous Chatham dockyard, ready to hang from your tree. Full instructions on how to hang your swing safely are of course provided.

To order your swing today please use the 'Add to Basket' button below, adding extra rope from the drop-down menu if you require it.


Super Wooden Oak Tree Swing: £225 (inc vat & UK delivery)

Dimensions: 90cm x 30cm x 5cm


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